NRG TECH is always attentive to the needs of the market and the issue of safety. 

In fact, the most interesting innovations relate to seismic vulnerability and facility hydrogeology prevention applications. Given the recent earthquakes and the geomorphological situation of Italy (and elsewhere), we believe that the SEISMIC DEVICE range of products could be necessary for all installation environments at risk to humans and the environment.

No one asks or has the courage to ask information about the structural features of a building, installation, or on the safety of a future home or work environment. The attitude, «anyway, nothing ever happens, an earthquake will never happen here!» is a lack of conscience that may be damaging to ourselves, and is often caused by economic reasons where there is a contest for the most «advantageous» price. There is a lack of awareness when it comes to strategic buildings (schools, hospitals, public places, etc.), the cost should be as low as possible, and this has lead to the starting price «generation» and the popular procedure we are all familiar with, based on the bidding discount.

How is it possible to contract a school, therefore a strategic building, with bidding discounts at a rate greater than 30%?

So, one wonders: Are people aware? In what framework can the well-known phrases that have populated these periods be placed? How can there be general astonishment when these disasters happen if the conventional route to a direction against infamous security is standard?

We at NRG TECH are highly attentive to the evolution of dynamics affecting this issue. We have actively attended and participated in the discussion and decision-making processes of legislative working groups earning respect and consideration. In the absence of an adequate legislative reference framework for over a decade, we, with our resources, have developed many solutions and products designed to knowledgeably prevent further damage and tragedies for humans and the environment as a consequence of catastrophic events.

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