Gas Detector

Gas Detectors

At the base of knowledge gained in almost 15 years of Research & Projects on seismic and hydrogeological vulnerability prevention equipment, the strengths of NRG TECH is its wide range of flammable and toxic gas leak detection articles, which are strategic products for its Core Business. Thanks to our advanced technology, the ability to solve technical problems in connection with project goals, strict compliance with technical specification and timing of execution and delivery, we have become the reference point for the international market of production options subordinate to this sector.

Our customers expect consistent high quality, which is why we check that each phase is very accurate, begins with finding the most reliable suppliers, the finding of raw materials, continues with the constant checking of the production process and is completed with severe final checks.

From the earliest design phases, the client can always count on an open dialogue with our staff, together with our technical knowledge of the material during the creation; we can better exploit the potentials resulting in the added value of the product.

We invite you to visit our website to get better acquainted with our world, and we are always at your disposal for all your needs.

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