Our History


Our founder, Emanuele Boldrin, established the company, concentrating its main activities in the field of LPG gas.


The company had already spread throughout the Italian territory, directly serving the country’s major retailers and distributors of LPG gas.


From a small sole proprietorship, the company was transformed into a limited liability company with the entry of the Boldrin family’s second generation, beginning its climb towards the foreign markets.


After 30 years of success on the LPG market, the company began its adventure in the field of natural gas. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies in the fields of gas and new alternative energy sources, its well-stocked warehouses, and its unrivalled logistics and support services, the company managed to develop even closer ties with its clients.


The Boldrin company celebrated 40 years of success. At the same time, TAG ltd was established for the design and development of cutting-edge gas regulating, measurement, control and safety systems, including vaporizers for LPG  and ammonia, Ped filters for technical gases and fuels, turn-key systems and various other types of equipment.


The experience and know-how that the company had gained over the years began to open up new frontiers: Boldrin celebrated its 50 year anniversary, boasting a worldwide presence in over 40 countries.


The new company NRG TECH ltd was established, with the goal of becoming a major player in the field of electronic gas leak detection systems, offering technical support, shared expertise on product use, guaranteed quality and cutting-edge products in full compliance with the current regulations.


TAG ltd acquires CAM ltd leader and active for over 60 years in the construction of gas-mixing plants acts to cover peak demand on gas distribution networks by providing interchangeable mixed gas solutions in the individual towards a single energy.


Innovation is the key to our success: it has allowed us to consolidate our expertise and to maintain exceptional levels of quality and professionalism. In this manner, Boldrin Group is able to offer its clients products and services tailored to meet their specific needs, thanks also to the important partnerships we have established with Rego®, Rochester and Corken.

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