Tilt Sensor


The Tilt Sensor is a highly performing tilt sensor that detects the direction and inclination of a reference plane. Typical applications are the industrial, automotive, smartphones and digital cameras sectors.

The application on the SEISMIC DEVICE ensures the best possible tilt measurements and is characterized by 0.1% linearity. The supra mechanical dampening of the sensor provides high-performance measurement in harsh environments where vibrations are found. This is a compact sensor that is particularly suited for applications requiring the use of batteries during normal operation. In “low power” mode consumption is reduced by 50%. It is an extremely reliable Mems sensor for application in the diagnosis of landslides, mudslides, and hydrogeological disasters. The sensor incorporates many safety-related functions and indicators for diagnostics. These include the monitoring of an internal reference signal, checksum for the verification of communications and surveillance of signal saturation/out-of-range signals.

Moreover, all SISMALOCK® and SISMAGAS® devices are apparatuses that thoroughly adapt to the Tilt Sensor device aimed at making them intervene only in the presence of earthquakes but also in the case of landslidesmudslides or hydrogeological disasters. The Tilt sensor system operates on two degrees of measurement. On the first level with a 3-degree inclination on the vertical plane, activating a first alarm threshold through visual warnings. On the second level with a 5-degree inclination on the vertical plane, it intervenes by sending a signal to any locking or sound device or phone dialler (or any device connected to it).

With this type of technology, our company is carrying forward numerous projects in various fields, supported by various institutions at the national level. Projects such as monitoring of viaducts, bridges, landslides and hydrogeological disasters and the monitoring of radio and telephone transmission bridges.

The research and development factors of these new challenges are crucial. Our company relies highly on the support of sector technical studies as well as University research and development laboratories to progress and mature our knowledge in areas other than that of the Core Business. Therefore, it is strategic to know, evaluate and validate the technologies and the best solutions to propose to suppliers as well as the most reliable partners to work with in selecting technologies and innovative solutions.

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